Nambi Narayanan guilty, says TP Senkumar in book

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Slams Jacob Thomas, Rishiraj, Behera.

Nambi Narayanan

Thiruvananthapuram: Former state police chief T.P. Senkumar has come out with some startling comments about former ISRO scientist and Padma Bhushan awardee Nambi Narayanan, former Vigilance chief Jacob Thomas, Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh and DGP Loknath Behera.

In his service story titled ‘My police life’ to be released shortly, Mr Senkumar, now in the BJP camp, says that the CBI had not properly probed the case against Nambi Narayanan, whom the Supreme Court had cleared of the charges.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech here the other day, had referred to Nambi Narayanan and said he was falsely implicated in the espionage case. Mr Sen Kumar was also present on the dais on the occasion.

“I know that Nambi Nar-ayanan was guilty in the case,” says Mr Senkumar, who was the then investigating officer who went ahead with the probe though the court had said that there was no need for a fresh probe into the episode.

The book asks Nambi to reveal how he knew Mariam Rashida, the Maldivian woman accused of espionage. “Mr Nambi knew that the truth will come out one day. Now he is pretending to be a victim though there are several pieces of evidence against him,” says the author. He had earlier criticised the decision to award Padma Bhushan to Mr Nambi.

Mr Senkumar has accused Mr Jacob Thomas of being inefficient and Exc-ise Commissioner Rishir-aj Singh of being publicity crazy. The book says Jacob Thomas did not know how to work. “Jacob Thomas was behind the cases against me. Jacob Punnose and some other officers were close to the Kannur lobby of the CPM,” it says.

He alleges that the present DGP Loknath Behera used all his influence in Delhi to prevent his retu-rn to service. However, he did not succeed, the book says.
Mr Senkumar also alle-ges that the Perumbavoor murder case in which a law student was raped and killed might have been manipulated by the CPM.