Hyderabad: Parking charges vary from station to station for Metro

Deccan Chronicle.  | Naveena Ghanate

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The monthly parking pass for two-wheelers is Rs 250 and Rs 450 for four-wheelers. 

The newly-installed canopies at the bus stop has come as a relief to commuters.

Hyderabad: The rules for paid parking at the Metro Rail stations differ from place to place.

At Miyapur, the monthly parking pass is valid only until the 5th of the subsequent month, irrespective of when it us purchased. At the Nagole and Kukatpally stations, the parking pass is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

The monthly parking pass for two-wheelers is Rs 250 and Rs 450 for four-wheelers. 

A supervisor at the Miyapur parking facility said, “The pass can be issued on any day of the month but is valid only until the 5th of each month. After this people have to take new a pass.” He said no night charges were applicable for monthly parking pass holders. 

At the Nagole parking facility, monthly parking pass holders have to pay night charges. The pass issued at the Nagole parking lot reads” “Daily pass and monthly pass valid from morning 5 am to 11 pm. Overnight charges are applicable.”

A majoirty of monthly parking pass holders are owners of two-wheelers, and there are just about 100 at each station.

Mr Subramaniam, supervisor at the Kukatpally parking lot, said, “Mainly two-wheeler riders are making use of the monthly parking facility. There are very few car owners, may be in the tens, who are using monthly pass.”

The pass taken at one facility cannot be used at other station. HMRL is working on introducing a smart parking management system at 24 stations on the Nagole-Miyapur stretch through which people can book parking space using an app. 

Mr Maruti Prabharakar, who takes the Metro Rail from Nagole to Ameerpet, said, “I use the monthly pass to park my two-

wheeler at Nagole. It has the vehicle number and expiry date mentioned on the ticket. We may lose the paper reciept but if we show a picture of it we are allowed to park.”

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limitted managing director N.V.S. Reddy said the parking facilities are under-utilised at most stations and there is ample space for accommodating more commuters. 

Canopy for bus stop at Miyapur station
The wait for some shade at the bus stop at Miyapur station has finally ended more than 200 days after the inaugural of Hyderabad Metro Rail services.

In a major relief to commuters who have been taking shelter under nearby trees, the bus stop has now got a shelter. Several bus shelters which were removed to facilitate work on the Metro Rail are yet to be reinstalled.

Toilets are being constructed adjacent the Miyapur bus stop and at various Metro stations.