BJP warns KCR against repealing CAA in Telangana

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Krishna Saagar Rao said that the meeting appeared more like a campaign get-together for the GHMC elections.

Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao. (Photo: Facebook)

Hyderabad: Non-implementation and disregarding a national law can attract President’s rule, following a recommendation by the Governor, said Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao here on Monday.

Addressing the media, Mr Krishna Saagar Rao criticised Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for holding the Cabinet meeting at Pragathi Bhavan instead of at Telangana Bhavan. He said that the meeting appeared more like a campaign get-together for the GHMC elections.

He pointed out that the state Cabinet is a constitutional body and cannot pass a resolution against a national law passed by Parliament, as it was unconstitutional.

He warned the Chief Minister that disregarding a national law as per the Indian Constitution Part 11 and Articles 256 and 257 is a serious violation by the state government and can even warrant a recommendation by the Governor for President’s Rule under Article 356.

Alleging that the ‘Pattana Pragati’ proposed at the Cabinet is a farce and an election gimmick, Mr Rao said that the government has neglected Hyderabad and its development for the last five years, and is now trying to deceive citizens for votes in the forthcoming GHMC elections

He said that the Cabinet decision passing a resolution to repeal CAA is a minority appeasement tactic and exposes the ‘copy-cat’ tendency to follow Communist and Congress ideology for electoral expediency.

“KCR’s reference to Kerala, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh only highlights the political bankruptcy of TRS and minority appeasement politics similar to that of Congress and Left parties. So far, he hasn’t clarified on any substantive factual reason for his opposition to CAA,” the BJP spokesperson said.