Fate of Indian medicos in Ukraine hangs in balance

Remain clueless about likely move to Uzbekistan colleges

Update: 2022-11-17 19:55 GMT
A file photo of Indian students returning from Ukraine (Photo: PTI)

HYDERABAD: Medical students who were supposed to be shifted to Uzbekistan from Ukraine to pursue their final year are clueless about it.

It was announced on October 13 that 2,000 Indian students, of whom 700 are from Telangana, would be leaving for Uzbekistan in a week’s time. A month down the line, this is yet to happen.

“Instead of getting transfer certificates (TCs), we are now being advised mobility apart from being asked to shell out another `1 lakh. We have wasted three months of academics and are still unaware of our departure date,” said a final year student. The academic year began in September and they were expected to leave by November 22. However, there is no intimation about the same.

“We were earlier told that we would be going with TCs but a few days ago we were told that we would be going with certificates. In fact, we are preparing for an exit exam from our university in Ukraine for which we will have to travel to the war’s epicenter” said a final year student, requesting anonymity.

Another final year student said, “The Supreme Court is not giving clarity. No Indian college is accepting us. We wanted transfer certificates as it was a smooth process for our graduation and we could have been on our own and selected a university of our choice. But now we have no option but to continue our education with mobility certificates from where we are asked to study without being given any options.”

Dr B. Divya Raj Reddy, director of Neo Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology and Indian representative for MHEIs of ministry of health, Uzbekistan, had said that the students will be shifted to one of the government medical institutions of Uzbekistan whose fee structure was similar to that in Ukraine.

She added that she had provided several options to the students for their choice of college and country available. However, students said that they were not given any choice and were just asked to join a university given to them.

“Some first year Indian students have started attending classes in Uzbekistan. Around 700-1,000 students will leave by November 22,'' she said.

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