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Zairin Mukarram Jah Claims DNA Test Fabricated, says She is Daughter of Mukkaram Jah

DECCAN CHRONICLE | Sanjay Samuel Paul

Published on: August 17, 2023 | Updated on: August 17, 2023

The alleged DNA test and the ex parte order from Perth contradict these principles, said Zairin Mukarram Jah. (Image: DC)

Hyderabad: In a press meet on Thursday, Zairin Mukarram Jah sought to clarify her legitimacy as a descendent of the Mukarram Jah, grandson of the last Nizam, alleging taht she and her mother Jameela Boularous were being unfairly defamed by the Estate of H.E.H The Nizam.

Claiming that the estate and other family members were circulating false and fabricated DNA reports regarding her parentage, Zairin said, "I tried to meet my father several in Turkey, but was not allowed by the caretakers. Upon hearing of his death, I tried to come to Hyderabad from Morocco, but due to the immigration process it got delayed."

She said, "Once I got all the formalities done, I reached Hyderabad in April and again on July 31."

She was served a notice by the estate of H.E.H. The Nizam and the family of the late Mukarram Jah, through a newspaper, on Sunday.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, she said the public notice, claiming that she was not the daughter of Mukkram Jah was "based on some alleged DNA report procured from Perth, Australia."

She said she was holding the press meet to address the notice and along with her legal team, mention seven legal points of contention.

Her mother  Jameela Boularous also refuted the DNA test, labelling it as false and fabricated. Zairin pointed out that the organisation which conducted the test was not accredited by an Indian body.

Discussing her mother’s marriage, Zairin claimed that Mukkaram Jah had married Jameela Boularous when he was 66. "Their union was aimed at producing an offspring." she said, adding any implication that she (Zairin) might not be the legitimate child of the couple.

She claimed the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, stated the conditions for a child’s legitimacy. "The alleged DNA test and the ex parte order from Perth contradict these principles," she said.