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Many oblivious of the functioning of pelican signals


Published on: May 17, 2023 | Updated on: May 17, 2023

Pedestrians cross the road at Tank Bund without using the Pelican signal. (Image: Deepak Deshpande)

Hyderabad: Several people who come to Tank Bund on Wednesday were not aware of the pelican signal that was inaugurated earlier in the day to regulate traffic on the main thoroughfare-cum-tourist attraction. One of them, Naresh, an Intermediate student, was hit by a bike while crossing the road. He escaped with a bruise on his feet.

Many were seen crossing the road at places other than where the signals have been installed. On the Tank Bund, two signals are functioning —one at ‘Lepakshi’, installed a few months ago and the other one near the old Love Hyderabad point, which became operational on Wednesday.

Naresh along with his friends first crossed the road, and he was injured. However while crossing to the other side, they used the pelican signal.

"Initially we did not know about this signal but while crossing back, we saw it and tried to see if it was working. We could cross the road safely," he and his friends told Deccan Chronicle.

Three more youngsters from Devarakonda, who were on a visit, also crossed the road not knowing about the pelican signal.

"It is surprising that such facilities are also brought in," they said.

Traffic police said they have also deployed personnel on Tank Bund to keep an eye on public movement and ensure that they use the signals.