Five Swapnalok victims' kin get ex gratia, one ignored

Update: 2023-04-14 18:30 GMT
Victim Kancham Triveni who was trapped to death in the Swapnalok complex fire mishap. (Photo: DC)

Hyderabad: The family of a Swapnalok complex fire victim, Kancham Triveni, claimed that they had not received the Rs 2 lakh ex gratia announced by the state government. They said the families of five other victims, Shiva, Vennela, Pramila, B. Sravani and Prashanth, had received the sum on April 4.

The victims were killed in a fire on March 16 at the fire in Swapnalok complex.

Kancham Ramana and Rama Rao, the parents of Triveni, said that they were labourers and illiterate.

“We are struggling to manage our daughter Mamta's Intermediate college fees,” Rama Rao said.

“On Wednesday afternoon we went and checked our accounts. The branch manager said that no ex gratia amount has been credited to our account,” said Ramana. She said they were not even aware of how to go about the process and whom to approach.


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