Water in Krishna river reduced by 60 per cent: Guru Jaggi Vasudev

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The Isha guru said all state governments are agreeing with his Rally for Rivers.

Founder of the Isha Foundation Jaggi Vasudev inspects the Krishnaveni pushkar ghat on Tuesday.

Vijayawada: Isha Foundation founder Guru Jaggi Vasudev has said the water availability in Krishna river is reduced by 60 per cent than earlier and opined that rivers should slowly flow into sea but not rush.

He addressed the media on Tuesday on arriving at the city to participate in ‘Rally for Rivers’ programme, scheduled to be organised on September 13, and said there is huge response and support from public and government to this programme and mentioned about agreements set with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

The Isha guru said all state governments are agreeing with his Rally for Rivers, and this is what our nation needs, and until now we have received 30 crore phone calls.

“AP is purely agriculture dependent state, and if the production is to be increased, it requires more water. Only with traditional methods our farmers are providing food to 130 crore population,” Guru Jaggi Vasudev said.

“There is so much of land across sea shores, which is in hands of the government, and there is necessity to plant saplings and trees and convert it into forest areas. Vietnamese are implementing things learnt from our Universities in their country and are laughing at us when we are approaching them for solutions to problems. The suicide of three lakh farmers in the nation with scarcity of water is a serious issue,” he said.

He said this changes only when our systems and processes change, or else the suicides will continue. He questioned if farmers can earn crores of rupees per acre in our nation. 

He said farmers are committing suicides with no minimum support price and no yields from crops, but our nation is a place where since thousands of years, crops are being yielded.

He said with no proper coordination between the union and state governments, we could not draw a specific policy for preserving rivers.