Political Betting: Gamblers Warned

Update: 2023-07-13 18:30 GMT
AP Bar Council member Muppalla Subba Rao charged that police behaved cruelly and beat up the advocate. (Image: Facebook)

Kurnool: Peddakaduburu police cracked down on a betting activity worth ₹2 crore in the mandal. Recently, YSRC leader and former mandal parishad president Raghuram issued a challenge, predicting that Mantralayam MLA Y. Balanagi Reddy would emerge as the winner this time and even announced a bet of ₹2 crore.

In response to this challenge, TD leader Kuruva Mallikarjuna from Peddakaduburu countered that Telugu Desam leader P. Thikka Reddy would emerge victorious and accepted the bet. The plan was to deposit the money at Urukunda Veeranna Swamy temple on Thursday as a part of their bet.

However, the police intervened and issued notices to both leaders, warning them about the legal consequences and the possibility of filing cases against them if they continue with this betting activity.


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