It’s all about sexcitment, Telangana men love their thongs

Deccan Chronicle.  | Coreena Suares

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Survey found that Indians wanted something different in their sexual lives.

Most preferred are candy panties, sexy lingerie sets, corset and bustiers and babydoll dress for women.

Hyderabad: Men in Telangana are the biggest buyers of men’s thongs and candy lingerie sets. Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh is among the top five Tier III cities in buying sex toys. 

According to, an online store selling sex toys and sexual wellness products, its survey has revealed fresh trends in the usage pattern of sex products. 

The survey was done over 52 months based on 80,000 online orders. 

It seems men in Telangana are no longer averse to sexcitment and are coming forward to buy sex products.  Experts attribute this trend to change in the attitude of individuals.  

Dr PKN  Choudary, a consultant  psychiatrist, said, “There are multiple factors concerning Telangana men.  Hyderabad, its capital, being a metropolitan city, people are exposed to different kinds of sex products.  Besides, they are many people, who have worked and studied abroad,  in the state. With technology in place, many want to explore the sexual fantasy.” 

“Certain men prefer to see their partners in an attractive attire as it can arouse erotic feelings,” noted Dr Aleem Shah, a sexologist. 

Edible body products are finding many takers. The survey by also found that Indians wanted something different in their sexual life. So, edible toys like candy love rings and kissable body paints are much sought-after. 

It was found that many prefer candy panties, sexy lingerie sets, corsets and babydoll dress also.