One Lakh Fish Prasadam Doses Administered at Hyderabad Exhibition Ground

Update: 2023-06-10 19:00 GMT
The fish prasadam is a widely sought-after remedy for bronchial ailments, which has been administered for 190 years, with people from across the country flocking to the city on the day of the event. (DC)

Hyderabad: Around one lakh fish prasadam doses were administered at the Exhibition Ground, spread over Friday and Saturday. Around 300 kg of the yellow herbal paste was consumed overall.

The Bathini Goud family has been preparing the paste and distributing it for 190 years to help bronchial patients.

The state government and NGOs extended help to the Bathini family. Patients from all over India and abroad came to the city three days before the commencement of the two-day programme to avail of the prasad.

According to Bathini Shivanand Goud, “around 300 kg of the herbal paste has been consumed. The remaining 50 kg will be given at our residence for those who missed here.”

V. Srinivas, general manager of Telangana state fisheries department, said, “We took around two lakh murrel fish to the venue. Half of it was brought back. This year’s turnout has been less compared to the distribution in 2019.”

The event was being held for the first time after a three-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Officials said that could be one of the reasons for the attendance.


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