BJP tells its US supporters not to use party's name in US presidential polls


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Chauthaiwale had mailed the directive to the US chapter of the party on July 24

Narendra Modi and Donald Trump at the Howdy modi event in Houston last year. (AP)

New Delhi: The BJP has asked its members in the US to not use the party's name in the presidential polls there, asserting that the India-US ties enjoy bipartisan support in that country.

The unambiguous directive to the Overseas Friends of BJP-USA from the party's Foreign Affairs Department head Vijay Chauthaiwale is apparently aimed at allaying any impression that the India's ruling party favours any candidate in the US polls in which President Donald Trump of the Republican Party is pitted against Democratic Party's Joe Biden.

Chauthaiwale told PTI, "The OFBJP-USA members can participate in the US election campaign and support any candidate or a party in their personal capacity but they have been instructed not to use BJP or OFBJP name during the campaign."

He said India and the US have "deep strategic relations" which has bipartisan support in the US and enjoys "overwhelming public support" in India.

"We are confident that this partnership will grow from strength to strength in future too," he added.

It may be noted that the Republican campaign has used visuals of Trump's participation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in huge public meetings like 'Howdy Modi', which happened in September 2019 in Houston, and 'Namaste Trump', which was held in February this year, to woo the Indian diaspora.

Chauthaiwale had mailed the directive to the US chapter of the party on July 24, as both parties began to intensify their campaign for the presidential election in November.

With Biden naming Indian-origin Kamala Harris as his party's vice presidential nominee, the BJP leader said, "We are naturally happy that someone with Indian ancestry is contesting 2nd topmost post in the USA."

He, however, added, "At the same time, we believe that any election is solely a domestic process of that country and BJP has no role whatsoever in the process."

He also noted that the OFBJP-USA has voluntarily registered itself as official representative of the BJP under FARA and wondered if the US chapter of the Congress too will register itself under the US law.

Its registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) means that the OFBJP-USA can officially represent the BJP in that country.