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After Riyaz Arrest, Revanth calls BRS Autocratic


Published on: August 10, 2023 | Updated on: August 10, 2023

Congress official spokesperson M.D. Riyaz. (File Image: DC)

Hyderabad: TPCC president A. Revanth Reddy criticised the BRS government for apprehending Congress’ official spokesperson, M.D. Riyaz, from his coaching centre. Riyaz was detained by plainclothes policemen.

He called the government's approach ‘autocratic’ and said that instead of empathising with the students and considering their valid appeals, the government was resorting to dictatorial actions.

As of now, Riyaz's whereabouts remain undisclosed. Earlier in the day, NSUI leader Balmoori Venkat was also taken into custody and transported to a police station. Revanth argued that the arrest of leaders who were lending their support to the students was unwarranted and unjust.

Revanth Reddy demanded the immediate release of the detained leaders. He urged the government to address the legitimate demands of the Group-II aspirants. In the event of the government's inaction, Revanth Reddy asserted that they would initiate a statewide movement on behalf of the students.

Youth Congress president Shivsena Reddy criticised the BRS government for not taking unemployment seriously. The KCR government didn't fulfil its promise of providing unemployment support.

Former MLC Ramulu Naik added that the government should disclose Riyaz's location. Riyaz is being singled out for supporting the unemployed and the working class.