TS migrant worker released from Dubai prison after 14 years

Update: 2023-02-10 19:05 GMT
Gulf migrant worker Makur Shankar of Mendora village in Nizamabad district met his wife Bhudevi and son in Nizamabad on Friday after released from Dubai jail. (Photo: By Arrangement)

Hyderabad: Gulf migrant worker Makuri Shankar of Mendora village in Nizamabad district, jailed for the alleged murder of a co-worker, was freed from Al-Fujairah jail in Dubai with the help of migrants’ rights activists. After securing the pardon of the victim’s family, Shankar reached home on Friday after over a decade.

Sources said Shankar went to Dubai in 2006 to work as the foreman in a construction company. A co-worker, Ramavatar Kumavat of Titanwar of Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan, died at the construction site on October 21, 2009. The company and Dubai police held Shankar responsible, and a court sentenced him to death in 2013.

Shankar said that he was in no way connected with the death and the company had framed him to escape its responsibility. His family approached several officials for help. Telugu Desam Nizamabad Parliamentary constituency president Degam Yadam Goud approached the family of the deceased in Rajasthan for a pardon for Shankar.

Sources said the victim’s family gave a pardon letter after receiving Rs 5 lakh as ‘diya’ (death compensation) from Shankar's family. UAE-based advocate V. Anuradha extended free legal aid to the victim.

Yada Goud said that they submitted the documents of Rajasthan state government, Indian Embassy in Dubai, the ministry of external affairs and pardon the letter from the victim’s family for Shankar’s release,

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Shankar said that he had faced a hellish situation in the jail. “I felt very bad, when thinking of my family members during my imprisonment’, he said.

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