Potholes slow down traffic at Nagawara

Deccan Chronicle.  | Aksheev Thakur

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Vehicle users complain that they are spending more money on vehicle maintenance and fuel.

The pothole-ridden Nagawara junction meeting the Outer Ring Road. (Photo: DC)

Bengaluru: Motorists need a lot expertise and ‘road sense’ to manoeuvre their vehicles around potholes near Nagawara junction, which connects the Outer Ring Road. The road has remained in a pathetic condition for several months now.

“Commuters using the ORR-Nagawara stretch spend a lot of time negotiating the potholes. Vehicles slow down from top gear to the first gear as they approach this junction,” said Mr Yuvaraj, a commuter.

“Besides, during peak hours motorists have to deal with bumper-to-bumper traffic. We are also spending more money on our vehicle maintenance and fuel as we are not using the vehicle economically,” he said.

“The junction should be free of potholes. Traffic signal remains green only for a few seconds. If we are wasting time, in navigating the potholes we end up getting stuck at the traffic signal,” said another commuter.

Mr K. Singhania, a Twitter user, posted pictures of the pothole-ridden junction and demanded that civilians have the powers to slap fines on BBMP commissioner and city Mayor when they fail in their duty.

He posted that even after complaining to public representatives, the issue continues to remain unattended.

Citizens complained that they are breathing poor quality air besides putting up with potholes. They said that because of potholes, a lot dust rises in the air, affecting their health. The residents demanded that sweeping machines should be used to remove the dust.