54 TMC for AP Through TB Dam, Declares Tungabhadra Board

Update: 2023-06-09 18:30 GMT
Tungabhadra dam has its source of water flow from the Western Ghats under the impact of southwest monsoon rains. (Image: Twitter)

Anantapur: The Tungabhadra Board has formally allocated 54.895 tmc-ft of water AP while 114.732 tmc-ft to Karnataka including for power generation, and 5.37 tmc-ft to Telangana for the irrigation season of 2023-24.

The allocations were based on a study of available water sources from upstream parts of the Western Ghats into the Tungabhadra dam.

At the first water review meeting held by the TB dam authorities with the superintending engineers of HLC, LLC, Power Canal, Raya Basava Canal and other structures of Tungabhadra dam, it was assessed that 175 tmc-ft is likely available in the reservoir based on previous years’ data.

“It was estimated that the total abstraction of water for 2023-24 was 175 tmc-ft and the allocations were made based on the damasha system”, TB board secretary Nagamohan said.

As per the allocations based on an expected inflow of 175 tmc-ft of water in the 2023-24 season, about 114.732 tmc-ft was allocated to Karnataka including for irrigation purpose under the existed canals of different parts such as HLC, LLC, Raya Basava and power canal before these entering the AP borders.

Similarly, 54.895 tmc-ft was allotted for AP in which Tungabhadra High Level Main Canal will get 26.828 tmc-ft and the Lower Level Canal that passes through Kurnool district will have 19.811 tmc-ft of water for the present season.

Meanwhile, 5.374tmc-ft was allocated for the Telangana state through the Rajolibanda diversion canal.

Anantapur HLMC superintending engineer Rajasekhar told DC that the tentative date for canal water release will be July 6 for the Right Bank High Level Canal while for the TB High Level Canal, it would depend on the dam’s storage levels.

Normally, TB dam has its source of water flow from the Western Ghats under the impact of southwest monsoon rains. TB dam, the interstate project and a major source of water for drinking and irrigation purposes for Anantapur, Kurnool and parts of Kadapa, has to depend on heavy rains for water flow from upstream parts of Western Ghats.

Official sources said there could be changes to the schedules of allocations after assessing the availability of water in the TB reservoir.


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