Kochi: Constitution unites India, says Governor P Sathasivam

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He also lauded the state’s commitment to rebuild the libraries shaken by the floods in 2018.

Governor P Sathasivam

Kochi: The faith in constitution unites the people as a nation despite differences in political ideologies, said Governor P Sathasivam on Friday, Speaking after inaugurating the second edition of Krithi Knowledge Festival and Book Exhibition he said “the expression ‘We, the People of India’, signifies the indomitable strength of a nation built on the sacrifices of millions of known and unknown freedom fighters”.

“As a person hailing from the judiciary, I feel that emphasis laid by the Krithi Knowledge Festival on the Constitution is a step in the right direction”, the Governor said. Mr. Sathasivam has also expressed the hope that the deliberations on themes such future Kerala, revisiting renaissance, experiences of peoples movement will contribute to new development model for the state with global outlook and consideration for local culture.

He also lauded the state’s commitment to rebuild the libraries shaken by the floods in 2018. “In this era of globalisation, Malayalam literature should take initiatives to translate its masterpieces and enter the global arena”, the Governor urged.

Cooperation Minister Kadkampally Surendran in his presidential address stressed the importance of events such as Krithi in nurturing a secular and brotherly society in these times. The highlight of the inaugural function was to felicitate T Padmanabhan, doyen of Malayalam literature. Prof M.K. Sanu director of the festival welcomed the dignitaries. KV Tho-mas MP, Hibi Eden MLA, Kochi Mayor Soumini Jain, SPCS president Ezhachery Ramachan-dran and several others were present at the inaugural function.