New security plan for Secunderabad railway stations

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SCR to soon begin work to redesign railway stations.

South Central Railway

Hyderabad: Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Tirupati railway stations in Andhra Pradesh have been identified for provision of Integrated Security System.

The stations are partially equipped with the same, having baggage scanners, body scanners and metal detectors but to fulfil all requirements of ISS, the stations need to undergo some changes, like redesigning their entry and exit points in accordance with footfall. This might start soon, once South Central Railway receives guidelines for the same.

One can enter Secunderabad railway station from over six different points and ISS check is there at only the two main entrances. The remaining entrances will now have to be closed while the main entrances are guarded with high-end technology. ISS is not strictly implemented at the station now, as passengers can often be seen escaping checks. But when it is fully implemented, the use of foolproof electronic checking mechanism will be in place to strengthen passenger safety.

Latest gadgets like luggage scanners, door-frame metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, under vehicle scanners and more will be provided.

The stations might become unmanageable during peak hours of festive seasons given that there are more passengers there than at the airports. Secunderabad has an average footfall of 1.5 lakh passengers a day and Hyderabad station around 55,000.

Having more inlets through which passengers can enter for security checks might help overcome this problem, but there would be only one main entry point. Once the process starts, passengers are expected to arrive earlier than their train time, depending on the footfall.

According to railway officials, a detailed station security plan is being prepared, taking into consideration various entry and exit points at a station. Entry points that enable trespassing would be closed through boundary walls and other entrances would be managed through collapsible barriers and sealed gates. Random check of passengers and scanning of their luggage is done keeping in view footfall at that particular station.