Telangana government staff seek medical excuse to stay in Hyderabad

Deccan Chronicle.  | L Venkat Ram Reddy

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There is also a huge demand for posting under GHMC limits from employees of other districts.

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Hyderabad: Government employees are vying to get medical certificates to avoid transfer from Hyderabad to other districts on ‘health grounds’. 

All employees who completed five years of service in their existing locations have to be mandatorily transferred as per the fresh guidelines. Those who completed two years of service are eligible to apply for transfers.

With this, employees who are working under GHMC limits and outskirts are lobbying hard to avoid transfers by citing medical grounds. 

There is also a huge demand for posting under GHMC limits from employees of other districts. They want to come to the city to get better education and job opportunities for their children.

Employees are running around TRS leaders to either avoid transfers or get postings in their preferred location. They are seeking recommendation letters from ministers, MLAs, MLCs, MPs for  the purpose.

The employees who deserve transfers to GHMC and HMDA limits on genuine grounds  based on their seniority and merit are strongly opposing backdoor transfers with recommendation of political leaders.

To avoid controversies, the government has de-cided to conduct online counselling for transfers. Even before this process has begun, employees en-joying political clout are trying for transfers to their preferred choices through backdoor methods, mostly to work under the  GHMC and HMDA limits.

Employees associations are demanding that the government cancel all such illegal transfers  and take up the process in a fair and transparent manner.

“We demand that the government strictly follows the seniority and merit list for transfers. No transfers should be done through backdoor methods. We have received complaints that largescale transfers are being done through backdoor method even before the transfers process has begun,” said Mr A. Padma Chary, president, Telangana Udyogula Sangham.

There are largescale complaints that those who are working under the GHMC and HMDA  limits for the past few years and set to retire in another two to five years are trying to avoid transfers on medical grounds.

There is a provision to stop the transfer of employees who submit certificates stating they have serious ailments for which they need regular check-ups in the city.