Nandyal Police Crack the Whip on Drunk and Drive Cases

Update: 2023-08-06 18:30 GMT

Kurnool: The Nandyal police have said they are taking strong action against drunk-driving cases across the district by deploying special teams. Some 2,826 cases of drunk driving have been registered in the district between January and June this year.

Among these, 2,195 persons faced fines or imprisonment. “Some 47 offenders were sentenced to jail terms, while the remaining violators were subjected to fines, totaling Rs 27.66 lakh,” according to officials.

Within the Nandyal subdivision alone, a total of 1,594 drunk-driving cases were logged, with 1,473 cases resulting in convictions. Notably, 32 violators received jail sentences. In Allagadda, 203 drunk-driving cases were booked, of which 171 led to convictions, while 32 cases are pending. This category saw 15 people given jail sentences.

In Dhone subdivision, 656 cases of drunk driving were registered, resulting in 532 convictions. The fines in these cases amounted to Rs 6.65 lakh. Likewise, Atmakur recorded 373 cases of drunk driving, with 19 convictions.

"Significant portions of road accidents can be attributed to incidents involving two-wheelers. Numerous factors contribute to these incidents, including alcohol consumption, wrong route choices and speeding. The failure to wear helmets emerged as a critical issue," explained SP Raghuveer Reddy.

He said a series of awareness initiatives have been undertaken targeting students, motorists and auto drivers. These campaigns have been taken up through colleges, schools, media and various other channels to save valuable lives, he said.


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