Will release WhatsApp chat on Rs.15 crore to BRS: Conman Sukesh

Update: 2023-04-06 18:30 GMT
Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar being produced at Patiala House court in connection with a money laundering case, in New Delhi. (PTI file Photo)

Hyderabad: Sukesh Chandrasekhar, the jailed conman, issued a fresh letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal through his lawyer Anant Malik, stating that he would release the first of 703 WhatsApp chats he had with various leaders, including a senior BRS leader, regarding the Delhi liquor scam.

In the letter addressed to the Delhi CM, Chandrasekhar stated that the chat would clearly show “your (Kejriwal) instructions for the delivery of Rs 15 crore to TRS office and also will show the token of acceptance and confirmation from the TRS leader which was instructed by you (Kejriwal) and AAP leader Satyender Jain (sic)”.

He threatened to share a series of messages between him and the AAP leader. “The chat screenshot will clearly show how Kejriwal and AAP were in hand-in-glove with the TRS (now BRS) and its leader and having financial transactions and business on personal level directly,” he claimed.

“As promised this week a teaser of WhatsApp chat which is 1 of 703 will be released. The chat which I am first releasing is a chat between me and a senior leader of TRS. So this chat is for starters," Chandrasekhar stated in his letter addressed to the Delhi CM.

Stating that the screenshot of WhatsApp chat was being released only for starters, he said, "main course will be Michshin style blockbuster. So, Kejriwalji, prepare yourself with your associates for the teaser (sic)," he said.

"The chat will clearly show and confirm your nexus with the 'South Group' and its leader of the TRS, who is under the investigation in liquor gate, also the chat screenshot will show how the leader of TRS instructions to deliver Rs 15 crore to an associate AP @ Arun Pillai, who kept the boxes of cash in a black Range Rover Sport 6060 with a MLC sticker on the front windshield parked inside the TRS, Head Quarters," Chandrasekhar mentioned in his letter.

Chandrasekhar said he was ready to undergo narco and polygraph tests “with all of you”. "Thereafter, let the law decide, because I am not going to only talk. I am giving evidence, proof for every single statement, every proof from 2015 to 2023," he said.


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