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All set for IRL second trial run, 30 first trial run glitches resolved

DECCAN CHRONICLE | Maddy Deekshith

Published on: December 4, 2022 | Updated on: December 5, 2022

File photo of a stray dog running onto the track during the IRL's first round of races held at the Hyderabad Street Circuit at NTR Marg. (DC Image/R. Pavan)

HYDERABAD: The HMDA said that the city would host the second set of races of the IRL (Indian Racing League) as scheduled on December 10 and 11, in preparation for February’s Formula E event.

A HMDA official said that they have identified about 30 issues during the first trial run which was held on November 19 and 20.

Sources lay the blame for the inconvenience caused to participants and spectators during the first trial run on the IRL promoters, and claimed that most of the problems had since been resolved.

The HMDA officials said they were expecting more issues to arise during the second trial run, which could be resolved prior to the main Formula E event.
According to highly placed sources, during the recent review meeting held with the IRL promoters, it had come to the notice of HMDA that track and safety were not up to the mark during the trial run in India’s first city circuit at NTR Marg.

About 30 issues were highlighted at the meeting, which had been harvested from social media platforms apart from physical inspections. Sources said that HMDA has passed the buck on the promoters, as the arrangements were made as suggested by the governing body, the Federation of Motor Sports Club in India (FMSCI).

A senior HMDA official told Deccan Chronicle that the nodal agency had been fixing the issues brought up by the IRL promoters.

He said that the issues pertained to safety of the track, tree falls, strays trespassing the tracks, crowd management, increase in the number of seats, timely sale of tickets, providing parking spaces and additional galleries.

The official said that HMDA would only lay the track and all other arrangements have to be made by the promoters. He said that the HMDA had gone out of its way to help the promoters as the event was debuting in Hyderabad.
The official said that the showpiece Formula E event slated for February 10 and 11 will be conducted only after obtaining Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) certification. A team will visit the city after the second trial run.

"As of now, we have resolved 29 issues and anticipate more during the second trial. Final rectifications will be done prior to the grand event," the official added.