Indians face health problems, napkin shortage in Kharkiv

Indians in the unaffected western parts are able to get relief with the provision for safe passage back to their homeland

Update: 2022-03-01 20:28 GMT
Refugees arriving from Ukraine including African and Indian students of Kyiv University get off a train at the railway station in the Hungarian-Ukrainian border town of Zahony on March 1, 2022. (AFP)

Vishakhapatanam: Most Indians, particularly those who have been stuck in the war-hit cities in eastern Ukraine, just 40km from Russia, are facing health problems and mental sickness with every passing day.

Though the Indians in the unaffected western parts are able to get relief with the provision for safe passage back to their homeland, those hiding in bunkers and undergrounds in cities like Kharkiv and Sumy since February 24 are having a tough time.

Fear of bombing, shortage of food items, non-availability of  napkins for women, death of an Indian in Tuesday's airstrike in Kharkiv and Putin's nuclear bombing threats are also matters of worry for the Indian students.

A girl student from Sumy Citysaid “Sanitary napkins are facing a shortage now. We face stomach pain and gastric problems. We are afraid of going to stores, medical shops, or public places to buy things due to the missile airstrikes. Since we are medical students, we are able to take care of some health problems.”

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle from Kharkiv, a national medical university student Sanjana, said, “We were able to pass all these days without much food, water. But, after Tuesday’s incident, we are a lot worried. Some of our friends are facing health problems arising out of fear. We need some moral support at least.”

MBBS student Prasad said, “The Tuesday’s incident where college student Naveen from Karnataka died occurred nearly 3km from our location. We are safe so far. We hope for evacuation from this place at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, some of the students of East and West Godavari districts have appealed to the Union Government and state government through video calls to rescue them. They said food available with them only for a week.

Two students, Shanmukha Sai Eswar of Mummidivaram of East Godavari district and Abhijna of Tanuku in West Godavari district appealed to the Union Government and the state government to rescue them. They said they were in bunkers at Kharkiv and heard of the Indian government promise they would be rescued free of cost. But there was no message from the Indian Embassy about the evacuation plans so far.

They also said that thousands of Indian students were stranded at the Poland border and some of the officials were demanding money for the transport. “But we have no money.”

Meanwhile,  Rithisha of Penuguduru village of Karapa mandal along with 13 students started by 4pm on Tuesday in a train to an airport on way to India. “The train will reach Lviv in Ukraine by 4 pm on Wednesday and then, they will cross the Ukraine border to catch some rescue flight from India,” said Budhala Satyanarayana, the father of Ritisha.

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