Unemployment on the rise? These teenagers are creating jobs!

Deccan Chronicle.  | Ralph Alex Arakal

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Tejaswini Arcot Manoj, at the age of 17, is already the Chief Executive Officer of an event management company based in the city.

Anubhav Ghosh (right), Co-founder of Picanva with an intern at work.

BENGALURU: While most youngsters in the country, including graduates and postgraduates, are frantically scouting for jobs, some enterprising teenagers in the city are bucking this trend by launching businesses and becoming job creators.

Tejaswini Arcot Manoj, at the age of 17, is already the Chief Executive Officer of an event management company based in the city.

They offer curated and personalized services in a cost-effective manner. The youngster and her team is gradually emerging favourites, though they are at their infancy stage in the large industry.

Named IRL (In Real Life), the commerce graduate from Bangalore International School (BIS) told Deccan Chronicle that being at the right place at the right time and making most of the resources offered to her helped her the most in chasing down her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

“As I realised that my flair lies in the field of event management right from my days as the vice-captain of Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, I have been trying to work on it and also signing up with three major companies to get an exposure into how the work is organised. With this as the base, the training sessions from Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) helped me bridge studies and my work, assisting me to launch my startup in a grand manner,” she said.

The teenager CEO is now plan to expand her activities and looking to hire more people, before she flies to Deakin University, Australia for her higher studies.

Anubhav Ghosh (18) and Ruchir Singh (15) are Co-Founders of Picanva, an online marketplace that enables affordable sale of art works and a network of artists and enthusiasts.

With a core team consisting of five members and an adviser, this teen startup has developed their horizon from being a Business to Consumer (B to C) to a Business to Business (B to B) in the last five months, bridging major gaps they found in the industry through various research methods.

“For me the inception of this company meant learning something new as I have been following Science stream in IB (International Baccalaureate) at school. Taking a brief stint into entrepreneurship before graduating from school has always been there as a plan in me and this pushed me to achieve this,” Anubhav said. He further added that it turned out to be fascinating as the journey proceeded as he learnt more from what he had learnt from textbooks at school through experiences.

The teen startups were among the 14 business launches at YEA India by students from across the country, after classes were offered to transform students aged 11-18 to real and confident entrepreneurs.

Also one among the mentors of the programme, Biocon CMD  Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw said, “YEA shapes the future generation to be job creators, who can drive a new model of economic growth for our country.”