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Tushar Vellapally may be NDA candidate in Wayanad


Published on: April 1, 2019 | Updated on: April 1, 2019

Tushar Vellapally

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: BDJS president Tushar Vellapally has expressed his desire to contest from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat. It should be recalled that Tushar was given the Thrissur Lok Sabha seat when seat discussions were finalised.

Paily Vathiattu, BDJS state vice-president was announced as its candidate in Wayanad seat. But with the entry of Congress president Rahul Gandhi as the candidate, NDA is keen to put up a fight in Wayanad.

Earlier, there were reports that as and when Rahul Gandhi’s candidature is finalised from Wayanad, the BJP may bring in formidable leaders like Smriti Irani or Nirmala Sitaraman as a rival to the Congress president. But now the state BJP leadership is tight-lipped about such a move.

"BJP will take back the Thrissur Lok Sabha seat. The candidate will be announced on Monday. The names that are being considered in Thrissur include that of State spokesperson B. Gopalakrishnan and district president A. Nagesh", said a senior State BJP leader.

State BJP leadership feels that Tushar can put up a formidable fight in Wayanad as they claim that there is a Hindu consolidation happening there which would come in to the advantage of the BJP. At the same time, they claim that more than 50 percent of the Hindu population comprises of Ezhava voters which would keep the BDJS in good stead over the Congress and CPI. C. P. Suneer is the CPI candidate.

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