8 years, 8 kills! Ramanagara Ripper lived in our midst

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As police would learn, impotence drove him to his murderous rage.

Dore’s first victim was his wife, Sushila, whom he murdered at his residence in Coimbatore over a domestic issue in 2002. He was arrested by the police and later was let out on bail.

Bengaluru: Serial killers, at least to the average Indian, are the stuff of films, from Silence of the Lambs to Stephen King’s It. On May 29, 2018, that perception would change, brutally. On May 25, a routine arrest made on a murder case would reveal a horrifying truth - Ramnagara police had a serial killer on their hands. 45-year-old construction worker Dore, confessed to having been responsible for the deaths of four sex workers after having been brought in for interrogation by Ramnagar police on a murder charge. As police would learn, impotence drove him to his murderous rage.

On the morning of May 21, passers-by in Byadarahalli, Ramnagara, stumbled upon a horrific sight. The body of a woman lay in full view, clearly dead, without any visible signs of a struggle. Police arrived on the scene, to what appeared to be a routine, albeit baffling crime that showed no apparent cause of death. A case was registered under Section 10, 4, CRPC, meaning unnatural death. That’s when the police got to work. By May 25, the autopsy report revealed small ligature marks on the neck that confirmed strangulation as the cause of death and a new case was registed, this time under Section 301 – murder. Word was put out among the locals and CCTV footage from the area was extensively monitored.

The police's efforts paid off. On May 29, a mere four days after the probe had begun, police received a tip that 45-year-old Dore, a construction worker who lived in Andrahalli, had been seen in the area. Dore, who appears to have got wind of the police radar, attempted to flee; police units caught him near the Attibele-Hosur border. What police didn’t know as Dore was brought in for questioning, was that they had just apprehended a deadly serial killer.