Youth kills man for teasing his mother

Update: 2022-08-29 05:28 GMT
Srinivasa Rao, who worked as stringer in a vernacular daily, alleged that Madhava Rao occupied roads in the venture and made double registrations to the sellers. Following that, a case was filed and Madhava Rao was sent to jail. Representational image/DC

VISAKHAPATNAM: A youngster killed a middle-aged man for misbehaving with his mother under Two Town Police Station limits in Visakhapatnam during the early hours of Sunday.

The accused has been identified as B. Prasad, resident of Allipuram. The victim is Srinu, a 45-year-old painter.

Inspector K. Venkat Rao said Srinu, under the influence of alcohol, teased Gowri, a housemaid and mother of Prasad, and tried to hold her hand while she had been returning home on Sunday morning after completing her work.

Angered by his behaviour, Gowri entered into a heated argument with Srinu. Locals pacified the two. However, Gowri reached home and informed her son about the incident. An enraged Prasad went to the place and smashed the face of Srinu with a brick, killing him on the spot.

Visuals of the accused dragging Srinu on the road have been recorded on a CCTV installed at a nearby shop. The woman and her son left the place after they realised that Srinu had died.

Police have arrested Prasad and his mother Gowri.

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