Nothing suspicious in Siddipet bomb explosion, says police

Update: 2022-11-27 18:49 GMT
Bomb squad personnel deployed at the AU Engineering College grounds as part of the security arrangements for the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Modi in Visakhapatnam on Monday. (DC Image)

HYDERABAD: Siddipet police ruled out any conspiracy in the crude bomb explosion case at Husnabad bus stop on November 22. They said that the country-made bombs had parts of jaggery, which are usually applied to trap wild boars in agricultural fields.

The explosion at the bus stand at about 9.45 am had triggered panic among the locals. Police said a crude bomb exploded when a fruit vendor allegedly ran his cart over it, adding that five more bombs were found at the nearby bushes besides the bus stand.

Husnabad police said that though they have checked the CC cameras present at the place, there were no clues about who had planted the bombs as the place is usually crowded.

"However, our investigation so far has revealed that the five bombs found at the place had traces of jaggery, indicating that they were to be used by farmers to trap wild boars. Moreover, a mischievous person could have placed them between the bus stop or any other strategic place rather than dumping them in bushes," police said, adding that further suspicion in the case is ruled out.

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