Mining mafia batter man to death with bucket of earth mover

Deccan Chronicle.

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Gruesome incident in Kerala triggered by dispute over mining of red earth from the man’s property

The murder happened over mining of read earth.

Kochi: In a shocking incident, a man was crushed to death with the bucket of an earth mover by the mining mafia in Kattakkada in Thiruvananthapuram district late night Thursday. The incident happened in the presence of eyewitnesses. Sangeeth, a native of Kanjiravila near Kattakkada, was brutally murdered for questioning illegal mining of red earth from his property.

According to the police, permission had been given earlier for mining from the man’s property. But issues started when members of the mining mafia started mining without his permission.

On Thursday night, the assailants came to the site introducing themselves as officials and started mining operations. But Sangeeth realised that they were members of the mafia and asked them to stop. He stood in the way of the earth mover which enraged the group. They batered his head several times with the earth mover’s bucket and crushed him to death, added police officials.

Sangeeth’s body has been shifted to Thiruvananthapuram medical college hospital and the police has registered a case and started inquiry.