Husband killed for one-acre farm land

Update: 2022-11-23 07:57 GMT
Her techie husband killed her with the help of his parents and a friend, put her body in a gunny bag, and dumped it in a tank within Tirupati. Representational image/DC

Hyderabad: The Haliya police arrested a mother-son duo and another accused for allegedly killing a 55-year-old man for his one-acre agricultural land.

Dasari Sugunamma along with her son Dasari Kotesh was arrested for the murder of her husband Dasari Venkatayya. Mahesh, another accused, was also apprehended. Sugunamma, a housewife, and Kotesh, a postgraduate in organic chemistry, had been pressuring Venkatayya for a long time to sell his one-acre agricultural land. The couple had three daughters and a son. They were in debt due to the marriage of three daughters and the construction of a house.

Sugunamma and Kotesh desired to sell the one-acre agricultural land owned by Venkatayya in order to pay off their debts. But Venkatayya was opposed to the idea and told them that the land would not be sold as long as he was alive.

The mother-son duo frequently threatened to kill Venkatayya in order to obtain not only his land, but also Rythu Bima and Aasara pension.

Fearing them, he fled his home and settled in a nearby village. They called him back a week ago, assuring him that they would not bother him. Meanwhile, Sugunamma had already devised a plan, and they hired Mahesh to murder Venkatayya, offering him Rs 1 lakh supari and paying him Rs 15,000 as an advance. Kotesh and Mahesh made Venkatayya completely drunk and strangled him with a towel on the way home. Later, they dumped his body on the roadside. According to B Suresh Kumar, Hailya circle inspector, they registered a murder case and questioned Sugunamma and Kotesh separately, during which they spilled the beans.

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