Watch: Young lady records predator conductor’s conduct, brings him to justice

deccan chronicle  | M K Ashoka

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KSRTC conductor cools his heels in prison after sexually harassing young woman on inter-district bus

The incident happened on a KSRTC bus.

Bengaluru: A young lady who was sexually harassed by the conductor on a KSRTC bus brought him to justice by recording his conduct and taking him to court.

As a result, the predator conductor, identified as Isubu Ali Tallura (35), is cooling his feet in prison, given over to judicial custody.

The incident happened while the 19-year-old woman was travelling alone from Bengaluru to Hassan on an inter-district KSRTC bus. On the pretext of issuing tickets, Isubu Ali sat next to her. He shooed off anyone who came by to claim that seat.

Then he started to touch her inappropriately, and threatened her. Feeling helpless, the woman started recording his predatory acts on her mobile phone and sent the pictures to her brother.

Her family members rounded up he conductor in Bengaluru the next day and soundly thrashed him, before handing him over to the Subramanyanagara police station.

The woman explained that she thought the conductor would go away after issuing her a ticket and never thought he would harass her. “I was helpless when he said I would lose my reputation if I make it an issue. What could I have done? So I recorded his acts,” she explained.