Youth stabbed to death by brothers-in-law

Update: 2023-01-17 09:26 GMT
"They reside in a flat in Nanajipur. She mentioned in her statement that he was an alcoholic, who beat her up regularly. On Saturday night, Raju came home in an inebriated condition. He picked up a quarrel with his wife over some petty issue and beat her up. In a fit of rage Jyothi took a knife and stabbed him to death," said police, adding that the children were asleep at that time.

Hyderabad: A 21-year-old Mohd Khaleem was brutally murdered at Langar Houz late Sunday night. According to police, brothers-in-law were behind the murder, as they were against his marriage with their sister Sannayya. Police formed five special teams to nab the accused.

CCTV footage accessed showed that when the accused first attacked Khaleem,
he tried to escape. But he was chased on the road and stabbed to death. DCP
west zone Joel Davis said the case is under investigation and the accused
would be arrested soon.

Khaleem, a college dropout, from Uppal and Sannayya from Moti darwaza, were
distant relatives and in a relationship for over a year. Last March, they
fled to Mumbai where they got married. On their return to the city, they
were staying at Khaleem’s house in Uppal.

Sannayya’s family and her brothers Saeef and Waseem were against the

However, they continued living together. Meanwhile, on Sunday night, her
brothers called up Khaleem and asked him to come to their home near Moti
darwaza in Golconda, to look for a rented house, so that they could shift

When Khaleem met his brothers-in-law, they picked up an argument with him
and tried to attack him. When he tried to escape they chased and stabbed him
multiple times, killing him on the spot.

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