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Anand Tells Officers to Deliver Effective Metro Policing


Published on: August 16, 2023 | Updated on: August 16, 2023

City police commissioner C.V. Anand on Wednesday convened a video conference with about 1000 officers of SI and above rank officers after the recent realignment of officer ranks. (DC Image)

HYDEARBAD: City police commissioner C.V. Anand on Wednesday held a video conference meeting with about 1,000 SI and above rank officers, representing all wings. This follows the recent major reshuffle that saw a significant realignment of officer ranks within the city police.

The central objective of the conference was to keep the newly appointed officers abreast of the challenges in metropolitan policing and how they could go about effective policing, Anand said. This was especially because of the city’s growing population, rise in vehicular traffic and the need for a mega city policing, he said.

Anand spoke about the recent reorganisation, including delineation of boundaries. Directives were issued to all supervisory officers, besides mandating mapping of boundaries across internal IT platforms and applications on a priority basis. The goal is to fortify inter-departmental synergy and overcome operational hurdles, he said while asserting that ‘no form of malpractice’ would be tolerated.

Delving into the intricate details of each zone, division and police station, he reviewed staff allocations, the existing roles and responsibilities and allocation of manpower to different categories of police stations.

On optimising law enforcement capabilities, he exhorted all officers to discharge their duties impartially and maintain effective control over law and order, prevention of crime and other related domains.

The DCPs were specifically directed to conceptualise innovative strategies to bolster policing efforts.

Also dwelt in detail were key performance indicators (KPIs) like effective utilization CCTVs, the Fitcop program, adherence to discipline and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Notably, the conference elucidated a resolute commitment to cyber security marked by a concerted effort to impart advanced investigative skills across all police stations, thereby enabling a more effective approach towards tackling cybercrimes.

Anand also reviewed criminal cases pending for want of arrests, investigation, FSL reports and charge sheets. He said that he will be conducting wing-wise meetings starting with the traffic police.