Thieves steal 20 kg tomatoes in Telangana's Mahbubnagar

Update: 2023-07-06 21:12 GMT

Hyderabad: As the prices of tomatoes continued to soar above Rs 150 per kg, thieves found it too tempting. On Wednesday, they made off with nearly 20 kg of tomatoes and 5 kg of green chillies from a vegetable vendor's shop in Dornakal village, located in Mahbubnagar district.

According to the police, the vendor named B. Prakash had left the tomatoes, valued at Rs 2,400, and the green chillies, worth Rs 490, covered with a polythene sheet at his kiosk in the Gandhi Chowk vegetable market before leaving on Wednesday afternoon. However, upon his return, he discovered that the produce had been stolen.

Prakash promptly approached the police station and filed a complaint regarding the incident.

In a separate incident, unidentified thieves targeted a farmer named Malappa's farm in Hongal village, situated in Haveli district, Karnataka.

During the early hours of Thursday, the thieves plucked tomatoes from the farm, worth Rs 2 lakh. Upon discovering the theft, Malappa immediately reported the incident to the local police. In response to the incident, Malappa decided to enhance security measures on his farm and installed six closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras on his farmhouse, aiming to improve surveillance and prevent future occurrences.



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