Killers used apps to track Nagaraju

Update: 2023-10-06 16:54 GMT

 Hyderabad: Investigation into the murder of B. Nagaraju revealed that he and Syeda Ashrin Sultana had stayed away from their respective families for over six months but Syed Mobin Ahmed and Mohammed Masood Ahmed tracked his movements using an app installed in their mobile phone.

Further, they also used another application for calling each other when they started planning the murder in order to avoid leaving traces of call records between the two of them.

This was confessed by the accused after their arrest. Use of the apps on their mobile phones was certified by the TS Forensic Science Laboratory.

Mobin Ahmed, a fruit vendor, though an illiterate, learnt the use of smartphones from Mansoor Ahmed. Subsequently, he got access to Nagaraju’s email by fiddling with the username and password. Using the app and the location tracker on the email, he started tracking Nagaraju’s movements and finally found that the couple was residing at Saroornagar.


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