AP Meets Power Demand Of 240MU Per Day, No Shortage

Update: 2024-04-17 07:33 GMT
Power Supply Grid Representational Image

With rise in temperature, power consumption in the state has gone up to 240 million units per day. It is expected to go up to 250-255 MU by the end of April and remain so in May.

The state energy authority says power consumption is rising day-by-day as commercial establishments and households started using air-conditioners for longer times to beat the summer heat.

At present, the state is generating or getting power as per demand. It is getting five million units extra to meet additional demand.

The energy authority ruled out any shortage of power supply and power cuts. Brief power outages are due to technical issues and not because of short supply, it said.

In erstwhile East Godavari, power supply was disrupted due to an accident. A lorry rammed an electric pole, following which the power supply was discontinued for some time to do the repair works.

Similarly, in Amalapuram, tree branches fell on overhead power transmission lines, snapping them. The supply was restored after a while. There are also issues of power installations developing technical snags resulting in power outages.

East Godavari APEPDCL superintendent TVSN Murthy said, “We don’t have any power shortage so far.”

Chief secretary Jawahar Reddy, in a meeting with the district collectors, via video mode, asked them to avoid any disruption in power supply.

Special Chief Secretary (Energy) Vijayanand said that the state was meeting a power demand of 240 MU per day by generating power as per need. “We would ensure power supply as per demand in the coming days despite a rise in demand due to summer heat,” he said.


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