Amit Shah video: Cybercrime cops question TPCC social media staff

Update: 2024-05-02 16:07 GMT
Amit Shah video: Cybercrime cops question TPCC social media staff

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad cybercrime police, who on April 27 registered cases against TPCC social media staff in connection with Union minister Amit Shah's morphed video, questioned five staff members, including two women, here on Thursday. The police did not confirm their arrest.

When the Delhi police were trying to serve the second notices, the Hyderabad cybercrime police allegedly detained the five persons — Manne Satish Kumar, Naveen, Siva Shanker, Geeta and Asma Tasleema — and questioned them in connection with the case.
On April 27, the police received a complaint from G. Premender Reddy, BJP state general secretary, against the TPCC president for fabricating and morphing the speech of Shah.

While Shah stated "if the Bharatiya Janata Party forms government then our government will cancel the unconstitutionally given reservations to Muslims. In Telangana SC/ST and OBC rights will be given but Muslim reservation will be cancelled.”

The video was morphed to modify the statement as "if the BJP party forms government, then the SC/ST and OBC reservations will be cancelled. The morphing/fabricating is an offence under the IT Act (sic)," said Premender Reddy in his complaint.
The cybercrime police blamed the TPCC social media wing but no specific name was mentioned as accused.
A few days back, the Delhi Police Special Cell registered cases and served notices to four members of TPCC social media asking them to appear before them on May 1. TPCC president and Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy’s advocate Soumya Gupta submitted a letter seeking one month time while M. Ramachandra Reddy, advocate, on behalf of four social media members, sought 15 days.
It was also reported that the Delhi police are all set to serve second notices to TPCC social media wing members asking them to appear before the police based on the intensity of the case.


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