You know nothing, women!

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Jimmy Kimmel’s take on this strange phenomenon got us thinking...

A still from Jimmy’s sketch

It’s a disease that has affected us all time and again. It makes men believe that women know nothing, even if it may be their field of expertise, and then go on to explain (condescendingly) what women really mean. What are we talking about? Mansplaining, of course!

Recently, it affected US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when the men of Twitterverse erupted in a conversation about her tone of voice and how she should be running her campaign. We would think that an ex-First Lady, who is in the running for presidency would know better about campaigning — but apparently, men who aren’t part of governance or policy, know even better.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel chose to parody this, joining hands with Hillary, to create a hilarious sketch on the phenomenon, and then proceeded to mansplain to her while she gave a speech and it went viral. If Hillary Clinton can be mansplained to, us commoners aren’t going to be spared, are we?   

Popular female stand-up comedian, Punya Arora tells us, “I haven’t faced much tone policing or mansplaining when it comes to my performances because I think I’m too intimidating. I’m pretty sure men think of women stand-up comics being loud and aggressive but they’ve never told me so, and they won’t! They know better than to mansplain to a Punjabi. I have a lot of work to do and I don’t have time for other people’s issues,” she laughs. “But yes, I have faced such a situation while driving because men think it’s their domain. I drive a pretty big car and I always get unsure looks by men who sit in the passenger seat. But once I start driving, they shut up. I’ve often been told how to park and I take great pride in my parking skills.

They ask me if I’d prefer them doing it for me, but I proceed to do it myself any way and give them a smile when I’m done,” she says. You heard it. It’s high time mansplainers hush up and let the ladies steer their own way!