Bringing in Christmas with signs and more

Deccan Chronicle.  | Reshmi Chakravorty

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For the last 20 years, members of Hyderabad Deaf Services have been presenting carols using sign language.

Members of Hyderabad Deaf Services presenting carols through sign language.

Silent Night — a carol which finds a place in all Christmas congregations was recently presented in a very unique way at the Pastoral Centre near St Joseph’s Church, Abids. Presented by members of Hyderabad Deaf Services, the carol got a new meaning when it was performed in sign language. Yet another Christmas favourite, Jingle Bells, was also performed in sign language by the children for their parents.

Children too performed carols using sign language

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the Hyderabad Deaf Services have done this; it’s been almost 20 years that they are following the tradition. Elaborating on it, Uday Bhaskar, from HDS says, “We meet every Thursday to sing carols or to learn lessons from the Bible in sign language. Usually, around 100 people gather, but being Christmas, there are about 200 people including children, who want to celebrate the occasion in their own way.” The audience was seen appreciating the performance by putting their hands up in the air, a sign of clapping for the hearing impaired. Ramya from the Deaf Enabled Foundation, says, “Christmas is an occasion where everyone likes to celebrate as a family. Why should they be deprived of the whole festive spirit?”