Spurned lover, ex-wife team up to kidnap man and leave him naked in forest

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Ex-wife, Yvonne Schmidt, and the ex-lover she was left for, Bright Koeing, allegedly kidnapped Thomas L. at a truck stop near Berlin.

The duo, out for revenge, are a spurned wife and the mistress her husband dumped her for. (Representational Image/ Pixabay)

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned, and if it is two, then you are in for double the trouble. Two women allegedly betrayed by the same man are on trial in Germany for kidnapping him and leaving him naked in the words.

The duo, out for revenge, are a spurned wife and the mistress her husband dumped her for. They kidnapped Lothario Thomas L, a 44-year-old, and subjected him to a brutal ordeal for which he is still undergoing therapy.

The pair are on trail for charges of deprivation of liberty and causing dangerous bodily harm at the the District Court of Frankfurt-Order. The duo claim to have “felt harassed” by their ex and “wanted to give him something to think about”.

The spurned ex-wife, Yvonne Schmidt, 39, and the ex-lover she was left for Bright Koeing, 37 allegedly kidnapped Thomas L. at a truck stop near Berlin with the aid of four hired heavies in March 2015.

He was stripped naked, bound with gaffer tape, blindfolded and bundled into the back of a refrigerated van which was then driven to a remote wood.

It was then that one of the male accomplices allegedly dragged him into the freezing night air – it was only 2C – and told him to “stop bothering Yvonne or you’ll really get it”.

Thomas L was beaten black and blue and told to count to 100 before removing his blindfold, the court heard.

Stark naked, he managed to flag down a car soon afterwards and was taken to a police station and then to hospital where he was treated for severe skull and stomach injuries.

The ex-wife blatantly admitted the charges at the very first day of her trial on Monday saying that she was abused by him for ten years during their marriage and described the kidnapping as a “spontaneous and unplanned action.”

The ex-lover is  yet to testify but she reportedly told police he had been unfaithful to her.

The judge in the case refused to believe Schmidt’s testimony that she “didn’t know” the men who assisted in the kidnap and that she had only met them a short time before in a supermarket car park.

He warned her that she faced a heavier sentence if she did not reveal the identity of the men who are still at large.

A verdict is expected early next month. The victim has been too traumatised to attend court.