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Pandemic fears doesn’t stop anyone from praying to Devi and seek her blessings

Lakshmi Manchu

Dasara, the festival that signifies the end of Navratri — the nine days of praying to the nine forms of the goddess from the Hindu Pantheon — celebrates victory of good over evil. However, what usually is a fervently celebrated festival across the country looks muted this year, thanks to the pandemic playing truant. However, TV and film personalities, some of whom are out on work and others who are staying home, share with us their plans for the day.

It’s family time

In the Manchu household nothing can stop our festivities. The family comes together to make heirloom recipes, share stories of triumph of good over evil. We teach our children values of woman power and strength within. Dad always talks about goals ahead and how to achieve them while my brothers are also busy adding their touches to the recipes in the kitchen.

— Lakshmi Manchu, actress

At work and content

I am looking forward to celebrating Dasara with my cast and crew this year. I will be in Bhopal, shooting, so it’s going to be a working Dasara for me. But I love the festive vibes around the country this time of the year and although COVID-19 will affect many things, I am sure everyone will find a way to enjoy the festival. I will surely miss being with my family in Delhi, but work always comes first.

— Swara Bhasker, actress

Adorable wishes

I feel blessed to witness my 9th month of pregnancy in the auspicious month of Navratri! These 9 days are dedicated to Goddess Durga and her Nine Avatars. I am entering a New phase of embodying the Avatar of a Mother myself! I bow to the Highest Female Energy in the Universe as I surrender in good faith. May Goddess Durga bless ALL Mother’s and Mommy’s to be with strength and more power to gracefully carry on with the the many Devine Avatar’s that comes along with the territory of motherhood !! Wishing you ALL on Ashtami #HappyNavratri #navratri2020 (sic).

—Amrita Rao, actress

Low-key celebrations at home

Ahead of every Dasara, I usually am religiously committed to the nine-day fast because on the Dasara day, we perform a puja at home. However, this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are being very careful, though the whole family plans to try doing something at home.

— Tusshar Kapoor,  actor /producer

Worshipping work and the goddess

It is going to be a working Dasara for me this year as I am going to be investing my entire time and energy promoting Mirzapur 2 as the series releases at the same time. That being said, work is worship, and I believe the more work I get, the more I need to pay my gratitude to God. So also, I hope to set aside sometime for performing the Dasara puja, no matter where I will be on that day. I believe in seeking the goddess’ blessings while thanking Her for keeping all kinds of evils away from my family and me.

— Shweta Tripathi, actress