Video: Adorable baby elephant runs around and falls face first!

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Footage shows the naughty youngster chasing birds until he falls down, only to get up and run back to mum

baby elephant chasing around the guinea fowl (Photo: Youtube)

Get ready for another ‘awww’ moment. Children, be it human or otherwise, are always extremely adorable. They do the darndest things which are funny, sweet, occasionally scary all rolled into one. So when this video surfaced online, we could do nothing but go ‘awwwww’.

An adorable baby elephant is seen chasing a flock of guinea fowls online and the video is going viral for all the right reasons. The mum stands watch while our adventurous baby goes scampering off behind the birds, until he takes a tumble and falls flat face-first on the ground, undoubtedly dizzy from running around in circles. The little elephant then beats a hasty retreat behind his mumma. The video, it turns out was shot in Boras Zoo located in Sweden.

Check out below