A+K leave the city in splits

Deccan Chronicle.  | Reshmi Chakravorty

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Comedians Abish Mathew and Kenny Sebastian were in Hyderabad for their musical comedy show on Friday.

Kenny Sebastian and Abish Mathew set the house on fire with their witty one-liners.

In the midst of a feeding frenzy for fame and attention, comedians Abish Mathew and Kenny Sebastian are setting us some serious friendship goals. The two were in the city to host a musical comedy show as part of their “The Vivid A+K the Best in the World (Band) Tour”.

Talking about their ability to collaborate and produce such a unique show, Abish says, “It is our shared love for music and comedy. Our styles are very similar, and we are serious about music.” He adds that the two are well-matched in terms of their level of craziness.

“We were both into music before we started doing comedy,” Kenny says, adding that he admires the amount of hard work that Abish puts in.

Audience cheering for the duo

As members of the same industry, isn’t some amount of competition inevitable — the guys don’t seem to think so. “The comedy genre is like a wagon and we are the horses pulling it. If one person gives their 100 per cent, others also have to put in their entire effort, to ensure that the genre does not fall back. Our end goal is the same — entertaining the audience,” Abish says.

“The Vivid A+K the Best in the World (Band) Tour” is a one-of-its-kind show that that has audiences roaring in laughter at every comic song. Kenny and Abish have come together for the second leg of the tour after successfully completing individual projects. Talking about their musical prowess, Kenny says, “We can sing well, but we are not masters. We mix music and comedy in a way that produces an enjoyable result. The experience earned through our individual work helps us collaborate. It is all about having fun together — us and the audience.”

The audience’s energy is what drives the duo .“Hyderabad has a good culture of going out to party and attending music shows. The people of Hyderabad work hard during the day and party hard in the evening,” Kenny says.

And audiences don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to witness A+K in action. Kriti, a doctor by profession, has made it a point to attend the show will her group of friends and cheer the performers on. “I am here specially for Kenny. He is my favourite! I love the way he connects different topics to make one funny show,” she says.

On stage, the comedians touched upon a variety of topics ranging from drug abuse to heartbreak, and the cons of being single.

Abish is currently working on the ongoing season of his show Son of Abish, and Kenny will soon be seen along with Kanan Gill in a live sketch-cum-comedy show.