International Day of Happiness 2018: Secret to true happiness revealed

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Happiness is not the enigma as it has been led to assume.

Happiness is not the enigma as it has been led to assume. (Photo: Pixabay)

To truly mark occasion of International Day of Happiness, it is important to realise and introspect that achieving happiness is the essence of everyday lives.

Happiness is not the enigma as it has been led to assume. Whether it's the joy in little things or the prosperity at achieving certain aspects in your life, it is difficult to put a quantum to the happiness.

Here are some secrets to achieve that complacent happiness which we all aim for but are not sure how to achieve:

- Identify 'whatever floats your boat'

The biggest task is to figure out how is the concept of happiness perceived in your mind. Happiness doesn't mean being cheerful and chirpy all the time.

"Don't focus on 'happiness'. Most of us won't ever feel constantly 'happy' in the way that we are traditionally sold the idea - rather, chase 'wholeness'," said Laura Jane Williams, author of 'Ice Cream for Breakfast', as quoted by The Independent.

"Wholeness is to know that life is a million shades of grey - contentedness, sadness, ecstasy, melancholy - and that they all count. All of our emotions matter, not just the 'good' ones."

- Connecting is the key

While being able to enjoy your own company is great, cherishing human connection is vital to happiness too.

- Break your way

Moving at a rapid pace to cope up with life has taken over everyone's mind, which in turn has blocked the path to happiness.

Break your way should be the mantra in such situations - Taking a pause once in a while and having an introspective look at your self is something which is required for a healthy contentment in life.

- Love your body

Even though it comes as no brainer but exercising and loving your body can do wonders for your mood and building up your self-worth.

Instead of just focusing on your physical appearance, nutritionist Farah Fonseca, titled England's Strongest Woman twice, said, "Exercise can be fabulous for your mental health and happiness as well. Exercise builds more than muscle - it also boosts self-confidence, mental agility and a 'can-do' attitude."

- Focusing on yourself

We all have a tendency to compare ourselves to others, which inevitably fosters feelings of ineptitude and low self-esteem.

However, once you stop caring about what other people thing about you will transform your life for good.

- Being helpful

Lending a helping hand to someone in need or simply acting in a more thoughtful manner will create a positive atmosphere that all can benefit from, whether you're the giver or the receiver. You never know how much of an impact a small act of kindness can do.

- Find your silver lining

No matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter how dire it may seem, a silver lining can always be found. Every experience is a lesson in disguise, and realising that is extremely liberating.

- Change of scenery

Beautiful landscapes and serene surroundings impact your mood to an extent unbelievable. While some people treat is as an opportunity to reconnect with your mind and soul, it actually induces a serenity that makes your happier in the long run.

- A smile says a million words

A smiling face induces happiness in others - while the tip is not new but the truth behind these words is often not perceived to its fullest.

Not only can smiling lower your stress levels and have a positive effect overall health, but it's also a powerful tool that you can use to connect with others.