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Hyderabad-based Dr Namratha Rupani makes her profession and passion work together combining dental clinic and photo studio.

Dr Namratha Rupani

A dental clinic is more like a danger cave to enter with huge chairs and machines that are used to pull out your tooth but, have you ever imagined a place where you find a combination of  beautiful portraits and photo albums lined up in a clinic? Well, Dr Namratha Rupani set this beautiful ambience at her clinic that attracts every patient who comes to the clinic. A dentist and a photographer by profession, Namratha this lady has indeed made the concept of art and science stick together.

Taking a short break from her usual dental work she started to gain interest in photography, which then turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her. Being fascinated by photography she started practicing it from 12 years now. She then brought in the concept of combining a photo studio and a dental clinic together which turned out to be a huge hit. Now she is known for her wedding and baby photography that is named as ‘Capture Life’

“For me the fascination lies in the camera and shooting, it is a different experience for me,” Namratha said.

Having the zeal of not giving up one profession for another made her balance both photography and dental work. “Since two years I have been handling both together I have a team of doctors who work for me and I have a team that helps in photography as well,” she explains.

Practicing baby photography is quite a difficult task and managing it has been a challenge for this dentist and photographer. “It requires a lot of patience and I would have never done this if it wasn’t for me being a mother myself. I think it all came along with experience, it’s a beautiful thing if you let yourself be as you are,” the dentist smiles. Apart from the wedding and baby photography she loves to shoot architecture which she does it for her satisfaction. Namratha has done a profile wedding shoot of badminton champ Saina Nehwal and also made a photo album of Akkineni Nagarjuna. “Since we have the printing facility Naga Chaitanya approached us and requested us to make a photo album for his dad’s birthday. So, we got all the pictures right from his childhood and made an album with notes written by his dear ones. This was a special gift from his son,” she concludes.