Video: Girl freaks out when she gets a puppy and proposal

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Sarah Isaacs nearly has an emotional breakdown to what could only have been a dream come true.

This girl can't cannot her emotions when her boyfriend proposes with a puppy. (Photo: Youtube)

In recent times, men have certainly raised their game when it comes to giving their ladies a memorable proposal.

But, when you throw in a puppy on that special day, it is definitely taking it to another level.

That is exactly what Eli Greenberg decided to do when he popped the question to his girlfriend Sarah Isaacs at pet store. He asked Isaacs to marry him while they were adopting a puppy together.

Their friend Josh Teller captured their romantic moment, back in November 2016. It has only recently gone viral on Youtube.

An already ecstatic Isaacs over the puppy couldn't contain herself when she saw the ring. She can be seen shaking and trying to process what is happening.

The proposal has been viewed more than a million times.

Watch the video here: