Dating apps, the new matchmakers?

Deccan Chronicle.  | S P Sreenidhe

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Matchmaking aunties and pandits of yesteryear quickly made way for matrimonial sites with the advent of internet.

There are many fake accounts with morphed images which create a bad dating atmosphere and makes people lose interest.

Dating apps have become an addiction for the new gen around the world and Chennai is not an exception.

Many dating apps have started posting success stories of couples who have met through these apps and entered the nuptial bond. But are the youngsters engaged in these apps even looking for something serious? DC speaks to a few youngsters from Chennai who are into today's prominent dating apps and are open about their intent for courtship.

Many of these youngsters are just looking for a platform to meet new people and not necessarily get into a serious romantic relationship. “I use these apps to meet new people - maybe engage in a conversation and then go with the flow. I seldom look for serious relationships,” says Akash, a student.

There are many fake accounts with morphed images which create a bad dating atmosphere and makes people lose interest. Men claim that even though they are looking for someone serious, the regular matching process is a bit tedious for them. “I was just looking out for someone to date, not for a serious relationship or something! These apps are totally dead here in Chennai, guys rarely get matches,” quips Hari Sriram, a 21-year- old college student.

“I downloaded a few famous dating apps once to find out how it works in Chennai just for fun! Though there are quite a few real profiles, the amount of fake accounts is very high too. So the apps are a turn-off here in Chennai at least. My friends in Delhi or Bangalore, say the dating atmosphere is great there,” says a 23-year-old who wishes to remain anonymous.

However, girls had different things to say. Most of them wanted a serious commitment through these apps and that is the reason they are more careful while choosing their matches. “From my experience, I have noticed that most men are on it only for some fun and not anything serious or even friendly. As a bisexual, I have met some women  too, they are either very shy and don't know what they want, or are mostly fake accounts made by men,” says 20-year-old Varsha Ganesh.

Many confessed that they had met their potential life partners through these apps and are delighted about such platforms. “I met my guy on a dating app 3 years ago, we are happily together now,” says another 22-year-old girl.