More than just buddies

Deccan Chronicle.  | Swati Sharma

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Viiveck Verma and Dr Anthony Vipin Das, the men behind TEDx Hyderabad, talk about their friendship despite their age gap.

Viiveck Verma (centre) and Dr Anthony Vipin Das (right)

The men behind TEDx Hyderabad are two friends who met on the path of philanthropy and decided to go with it. Investor Viiveck Verma and Dr Anthony Vipin Das look back at the events that shaped their friendship and career for social causes.

Remembering their first meeting, Viiveck says, “We were in the same social circles but hadn’t met each despite sharing similar thoughts and dreams. It was a random Facebook post that triggered our first meeting. We met to discuss and explore new ideas and the meeting went on for hours.”

“It was an instant click between us,” Dr Anthony Vipin Das says, adding, “Our friendship evolved over the years. We are years apart in age and experience and so, we took time to understand each other’s perspectives. Both of us shared the same sun sign initiating an even stronger like and dislike towards the same things.”

Viiveck says, “One of our magic moments was the day we took a bow on stage as the leaders of our team. That feeling of joy and the celebrations that ensued for the next few days was an outstanding experience.”

“The start and end of every event, the experiences of celebrating and debating each and every feedback we receive, newer ideas are all favourite memories,” says Vipin, a consultant ophthalmologist at the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute.

And there have been embarrassing moments too. “Once, a logistical mishap almost took place at one of our events and we realised that both of us had overlooked a critical element,” says Vipin.

“In life, you meet amazing individuals and you are enriched by interactions with them. We believe in cherishing the moments we are part of. We also believe in being true and honest to our vision,” says Viiveck.

Viiveck narrates a funny incident. “We were supposed to be getting a surprise party for our birthdays which fall four days apart, but we knew about it. But we pretended to be very surprised and recorded a ridiculously funny video capturing the surprise while the team cheered us on.”