Domino's saves customer’s life who failed to order pizza for 2 weeks

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The general manager at the store immediately sent a delivery driver at the customer's place when he missed his usual Saturday night slot.

A customer, who suffered a stroke, is now safely recovering in hospital thanks to Domino's staff. (Photo: Pixabay)

Staff at the famous pizza outlet, Domino’s, managed to save the life of a regular customer after they realised that he hadn’t ordered pizza for 11 days straight.

When Kirk Alexander suddenly stopped requesting regular pizza deliveries from the local Domino’s in Salem, Oregon, staff at the pizza outlet felt something was afoot. But it was only when Alexander missed his usual Saturday night slot that general manager Sarah Fuller decided to immediately send a delivery driver to check on him. On reaching there the driver found that although the television and lights were on, no one answered at the door. This led Fuller to immediately call the police.

“I guess they could hear him inside, yelling for help. So they broke down the door and the paramedics got in and got him down to the hospital,” she told the Fortunately, Alexander who has had minor strokes in the past is now on the road to recovery in hospital.