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Anusha Badigar, a student of architecture, has conventional choices when it comes to Raksha Bandhan gifts.

Samyukta Hornad.

The age-old custom on Raksha Bandhan in most parts of the country is for the brother to gift his sister something special after the little ceremony they perform to remind each other of their unique bond. But some brothers don’t quite stick to the script. Like the hilarious heist that the brother of beautiful and feisty actress Samyukta Hornad pulled off a couple of years ago. “This incident happened on Raksha Bandhan two years ago. My brother seemed super excited about the day and decided to take me out shopping. We drove a fairly long distance to a mall for this. As I approached a store from where I love picking up accessories, my brother diverted my attention and took me to another shop. While at the shop, he didn’t choose what I actually liked but picked something else and asked my opinion about it. After billing, I found out that what he picked was actually for a girl he liked, as her birthday was nearing. He only dragged me along because he was bad at selecting gifts! However, I did get a consolation present. Well, brothers are meant to be naughty and troublesome, aren’t they?” she shakes her head light-heartedly.

Business manager Shilpaa Mohan Lal shares a silly sibling anecdote too. She recalls, “This was back in the days when we were in school and got very little pocket money. My brother gave me a 50 rupee note and told me that it was his lucky note and that when he earns well, he will take back the `50 and replace it with a `500 or `1000 note. Neither did I get the 500 later, nor did he take back his so-called lucky note!” She recommends being rational about Raksha Bandhan gifts. “Something useful like a watch or any handy accessories will be good. Or even a gift coupon from her favourite store. Or better still, why not take her out on a shopping spree sponsored by you?” she ponders.

Anusha Badigar, a student of architecture, has conventional choices when it comes to Raksha Bandhan gifts. “I usually get money as a gift. But it depends on the sister. I mean, how she is, and what she prefers. I would suggest buying accessories, clothes, chocolates, cosmetics, perfume, handbags and perhaps gadgets.”

Meanwhile strategist Neha Bahl thinks differently. She says, “Though a gift is always the emotional feelings that you hold for the person, a brother could also gift his sister something useful — maybe a saving/investment scheme which can be helpful in the future.” However, a gift from her brother that brings a smile to her face even years later after she first received it, has her speaking tenderly about her brother’s great sense of humour. “He proved it when he gifted me a personalised coffee mug with my picture on it captioned ‘Agent Daddu’. This is a nickname he has given me. My brother has the habit of calling me ‘agent’ as he relates me to Daya (the character from the most popular series C.I.D.!) and ‘daddu’ is a small kid, as I am the youngest in the family amongst all our cousins. That mug holds funny memories for both of us and I still treasure it.”

As emotional, and equally proud about her brother is homemaker Shalini Lokesh. She says, “My brother has had my back at all times. Genuinely, it’s not the gift that matters to most sisters. We don’t expect anything expensive. Rather, it is their care and concern that we look out for. Many brothers do not spend time with their sisters and rather invest their free time with friends or their girlfriends. Taking your sister out for a day and spending time with her is the best gift you can give her. Having said that, my lovely brother has managed to always give his time when needed.”

Actress Samyukta agrees, “Honestly, getting to know your sister is the biggest gift you can give her. My brother is my best friend. He loves to cook and he knows exactly what I love to eat, so we’re sorted that way. Spending time with your sister and knowing what she likes is definitely essential to strengthening the bond.”